Member Organizations


The Suburban Ramsey Emergency Coalition is a partnership of thirteen local affiliates of international service clubs and two community foundations that serve the areas within the Roseville Area and Mounds View school districts. The cities fully within this area are Arden Hills, Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, Little Canada, Mounds View, New Brighton, Roseville and Shoreview.

Each member organization has agreed to the following principles of understanding. To:

  • Contribute the time and talents of its members to the governance and operations of the Coalition;

  • Distribute requests for funds, goods and volunteers to members and request that they in turn share with their personal networks;

  • Use all available networks to cross market to, promote, inform and engage the community in Coalition activities;

  • Donate to the Coalition as able, maximizing donations from individuals,  organizations and the community.

  1. Each member organization will occupy one seat on the steering committee and have one vote in each decision taken by the Coalition. Membership and voting rights will remain contingent upon active participation in the Coalition by each member organization. That participation will be defined by financial contributions, project volunteers, and contributions to the governance and operations of the Coalition.

  2. Each member organization will appoint one representative to the steering committee. It is recommended that each appoint an alternate, as well. Any number of members from a single organization may be represented in the Coalition as committee members, officers, and advisors.

  3. The Coalition will also include Informational Partners, those individuals, organizations, and agencies which are deemed to provide critical informational resources of community needs and services to the Coalition. These Partners will have “voice, but no vote” in the decision making of the Coalition. Currently, these Partners consist of the Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative and the offices of Ramsey County Commissioners from Districts 1 and 2.

  4. The Coalition will utilize Advisors as well.  These will be individuals and/or organizations which offer particular knowledge, skills, or other assets crucial to the operational success of the Coalition. They, too, will have “voice but no vote” in Coalition decision making.


Organizational Structure

Leadership Team: composed of the Chair, Vice-chair and Secretary/Treasurer shall conduct operations of the Coalition between meetings and shall appoint working committees. 

Steering Committee: makes decisions on matters of policy and operation including fundraising activities, requirements for and choice of grant recipients and matters of expenditure of funds. The Steering Committee meets regularly (generally weekly) to provide overall direction and make necessary decisions.

Working Committees: include Marketing, Communications, Fundraising, Grantmaking, Events, Volunteers, and such other committees or subcommittees as may be necessary from time to time.

Decision Making

The Coalition’s governing body is the Steering Committee, composed of 15 individuals, each appointed by their member organization as their representative.  All matters concerning Coalition policy, operations, expenditure of funds, fundraising, and grant approval must come before the Steering Committee.  A simple majority vote is required for approval or rejection.

While any issue may be raised from the floor and voted upon, the usual process includes an item working its way through a committee, resulting in a recommendation given to the leadership team.  Upon review by the leadership team, the proposal is placed on the agenda of the upcoming meeting, along with appropriate documentation.  At that meeting action would be taken on the proposal.

Grant application and approval follows its own specific process as detailed on the “Grants” page of this website. Final approval or rejection, however, still rests with the vote of the Steering Committee.

In cases where timeliness is crucial and decisions require a vote by the full Steering Committee, that vote may be taken by email or other digital means and shall be deemed a valid process.

“Meeting Notes” are available from each Steering Committee meeting.

Member Organizations

Arden Hills/Shoreview Rotary

Falcon Heights-Lauderdale Lions

Mounds View Lions

New Brighton Lions

New Brighton/Mounds View Rotary

North Suburban Evening Lions

North Suburban Golden K Kiwanis

North Suburban Kiwanis St. Paul

Roseville Area Community Foundation

Roseville Area Optimists

Roseville Lions

Rotary Club of Roseville

St. Paul North Ramsey 500 Lions

Shoreview/Arden Hills Lions

Shoreview Community Foundation

Leadership Team

Chair                Kent Peterson, Arden Hills/Shoreview Rotary Club


Vice-chair         Curt Stockford, St. Paul North Ramsey 500 Lion’s Club


Sec./Treas.       Gwen Simonson, Shoreview Community Foundation


 Steering Committee

Name                                                 Representing

Stephanie Cosgrove                      Arden Hills/Shoreview Rotary

Kent Peterson, alternate

Paul Ciernia                                   Falcon Heights/Lauderdale Lions

Ken Crea, alternate

Sherry Gunn                                  Mounds View Lions

Val Johnson                                   New Brighton Lions

Geoff Hollimon                               New Brighton/Mounds View Rotary

Dana Rebelein, alternate

Bob Seybold                                  North Suburban Golden K Kiwanis

Roger Williams, alternate

Jason Stewart                                North Suburban Kiwanis St. Paul

Deb Spivey                                     North Suburban Evening Lions

Dawne Brown White                      Roseville Area Community Foundation

June Stewart, alternate

Beth Salzl                                       Roseville Lions

Terry Gorman                                 Roseville Area Optimists

David Kray                                      Rotary Club of Roseville

Maria Caram Ibarra, alternate

Curt Stockford                                St. Paul North Ramsey 500 Lions

Patrice Walsh, alternate

Gwen Simonson                            Shoreview Community Foundation

Judy Zewers                                  Shoreview/Arden Hills Lions


Informational Partners

Members of the Coalition work with the Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative and Ramsey County Commissioners from our area as resources to fully understand the urgent needs during this crisis. 

Mary Sue Hansen                               Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative

Commissioner Nicole Frethem           Ramsey County District 1 Commissioner

Commissioner Mary Jo McGuire        Ramsey County District 2 Commissioner Councilmember Jason Etten              Roseville City Council and member of Ramsey             County Advisory Committee on Food Insecurity

Adopted 05/28/20