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The Suburban Ramsey Emergency Coalition was created to aid those in need in our communities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are committed to doing this is by raising funds and distributing them to non-profit direct service providers who are filling those needs.  Here are the recipients of those efforts to date.




Community Support Center works to prevent homelessness by providing financial aid to avoid eviction and power shut-offs, referrals to other available resources, and counseling on a continuing basis to change future outcomes.

CSC serves the residents of New Brighton, Mounds View, North Oaks, Shoreview, and Arden Hills. Those served by this grant are renters, most of whom were gainfully employed before the pandemic.


Grant:         $5,000.

Awarded:    June 4, 2020

Keystone Community Services is a community based organization supporting Ramsey County neighbors for more than 80 years. Its Basic Needs Program helps low-income households keep food in their home and a roof over their heads. Half of the grant funds will provide housing crisis support funds to help Roseville area families stay in their home or gain access to affordable housing. The remaining half will be used for food purchases, which will be distributed through Keystone's Foodmobile at two existing and two expanded sites in the Roseville area. The Keystone Foodmobile targets high needs community sites to bring food to mobility-impaired residents, including home bound seniors and people with disabilities.

Grant:           $5,000.

Awarded:      June 4, 2020

Neighborhood House provides a wrap-around support system for underserved families and individuals in Ramsey County.  It is the leading eviction prevention organization in the County. Their goal is to stabilize families and build community capacity and  engagement. Essential services provided include food markets and housing stability work. Grant funds will support the Suburban Ramsey County Housing Stability Project, which provides residents with housing and rental expenses they are unable to meet, many as a result of pandemic related job reductions and loss. Of the 65 families currently wait-listed for services 24 are from Roseville and 10 from Mounds View and New Brighton.


Grant:             $5,000.

Awarded:        June 4, 2020

Quincy House serves "at-risk" and disconnected teens in the Mounds View School District. Many of those served operated at economic disadvantage before the pandemic delivered reduced hours and job loss. Now, the existence of food insecurity, housing instability, and lack of  access to transportation is even greater. Some of the teens being served are living on their own with supporting siblings and dependents. Several are homeless. Quincy House has been referring teens and their families to Ralph Reeder Food Shelf, Loaves and Fishes, purchasing groceries and prepared meals, and delivering these in cases where transportation is a barrier to need.

Quincy House is currently serving 30+ teens and families.  Grant funds will enable Quincy House to contract for enough meals to feed this community for the duration of the summer.

Grant:              $5,000.

Awarded:          June 11, 2020

Ralph Reeder Food Shelf provides supplemental and emergency food  assistance to children and their families who reside in the Mounds View School District. A Coalition grant will assure the continuance of meals during the summer months for students.  Food boxes will be distributed on and off-site at high need locations throughout the district in partnership with Community Partners with Youth, New Brighton and Mounds View Police Departments, and the City of New Brighton. 200 food boxes will be distributed each week, feeding 300-400 students each week, 1600 low income students per month for two and half months. That's 4000 children served by 20,000 meals.

Grant:              $10,000.

Awarded            June 25, 2020

Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, The Sheridan Story focused on ​its Weekend Food Program, providing backpacks of food to fill in the food gap for children when they were not in school. The program partnered with 250 schools across the Twin Cities, 7 of which were in the Roseville School District. The needs in this district have increased many fold due to the pandemic.  The Sheridan Story has had to move beyond the confines of a weekend food program in order to meet the growing needs of children here and elsewhere.  Through a partnership with the City of Roseville, grocery bags of food are now offered 24/7  at the Roseville Fire Station for those in need. A Coalition grant will provide approximately 1000 of these food bags in the Roseville School District.

Grant :               $10,000.

Awarded:             June 25, 2020

Community Partners with Youth has worked within the Mounds View School District for the past 23 years to provide a safe environment in which youth can grow and thrive. Part of the their program has always been feeding the youth involved in it. 85% of the 500 youth who take part each year are on free/reduced lunch.  This summer CPY is partnering with Ralph Reeder Food Shelf to provide meal kits (see Grant awarded 6/25/20) to youth and their families in need. Since many CPY participants will be beneficiaries, it seems appropriate that CPY will provide the variety of delivery services required to make this program work. The Coalition Grant will cover delivery costs, which include school buses, staff hours, and fuel costs for the 10 weeks of summer.


Grant:                 $5,000.

Awarded:             July 1, 2020

Aeon is a property management company serving households with the greatest barriers to housing stability, including those who have been homeless, those with chemical and mental health challenges, and those with disabilities. 93% of its residents are low income and 24% are extremely low income. Permanent housing provides these communities with both stability and safety. The majority of residents are hourly wage earners in jobs first affected by business closures resulting from the pandemic. A Coalition grant will be used for rent relief to the residents of two Roseville properties, Sienna Green Apartments and Sun Place Apartments, and one in Little Canada, The Provinces. The goal is to provide people with at least the security and safety of a home, and to aid by providing resource information on other basic needs that may be available.

Grant:                   $5,000.

Awarded:              July 9, 2020

The YMCA, partnering with Loaves and Fishes and UnitedHealth Group has been providing hot meals to 30 families in Montreal Courts, an affordable housing apartment complex in Little Canada.  Funding for this program ends on September 4.  A Coalition grant of $5000 will enable this program to continue for 8 weeks, feeding 30 families once per week and providing a food shelf once per month for 4 months. 

Grant:                      $5,000.

Awarded:                  August 13, 2020

Solid Ground's mission is to prevent and end homelessness for families with children through housing services and opportunity.  They are the fiscal agent and lead housing provider of the Homework Starts with Home (HSWH) partnership, a group of 10 organizations working to provide housing stability for students and their families in the four Suburban Ramsey school districts.

This grant will be used to pay back rent, utilities and other related housing costs to prevent homelessness for Black and African-American families in the Mounds View and Roseville school districts. This grant represents one half of a dedicated gift to the Coalition for these purposes. 

Grant:                        $5,000.

Awarded:                   September 10, 2020

The mission of Aeon is to create and sustain quality, affordable homes that strengthen lives and communities. Aeon serves nearly 15,000 residents per year at its 58 metro area properties.  Of those individuals 93% are low income, and 24% are extremely low income.

A Coalition grant will be used for an internal rent assistance fund at two Roseville properties (Sienna Green Apartments and Sun Place Apartments) and one in Little Canada, The Provinces. These funds represent one half of a dedicated gift to the Coalition to support Black and African-American families in preventing homelessness.

Grant:                       $5,000.

Awarded:                  September 10, 2020

Keystone Community Services provides wide ranging community based services to its Ramsey County neighbors. Their Basic Needs Program helps low-income households keep food in their homes and a roof over their heads. This Coalition grant will be used for housing crisis support for families living in the Roseville Area school district who identify as Black or African-American to help them stay in their home or gain access to affordable housing. This grant exceeded the funds dedicated for this specific purpose, but was viewed by the Coalition as a cause worthy of support from the general fund.

Grant:                        $2,500.

Awarded:                   September 10,2020

Community Partners with Youth has worked within the Mounds View School District for the past 23 years to provide a safe environment in which youth can grow and thrive. This grant will provide food, supplies, and transportation as part of a supervised distance learning program for at-risk youth.  It will serve 100-120 K-8 students from low income families in New Brighton.

Grant:                        $10,000.

Awarded:                   October 22,2020

A grant to Every Meal (formerly The Sheridan Story) to provide weekend food for food insecure children and families in the Roseville Area School District.  Every meal provides 3700 meals per week to children in the Roseville area.

Grant:                        $5,000.

Awarded:                   October 29,2020

A grant adding to the rental relief fund available for the 789 residents of three apartment properties in Little Canada and Roseville. These funds will help to fill gaps where there are limitations of other emergency assistance programs that are utilized by the residents.

Grant:                        $5,000.

Awarded:                   October 29,2020

A grant to Northeast Youth and Families Services to help re-open the NETS day treatment program for youth needing intensive mental health services. Funds will be used for technology and safety equipment needed to create a safe, socially distanced, group therapy room that allows both on-site and telehealth participation from group participants.

Grant:                        $10,000.

Awarded:                   October 29,2020

A grant to MSS, Inc. (Midwest Special Services) for sanitizing equipment and supplies to re-open their Shoreview Centere for services for people with disabilities. The grant also provides funds for non-reimbursable remote services to clients in the Coalition's service area.

Grant:                        $5,000.

Awarded:                   November 5,2020

A grant to the Meals on Wheels Program of the Roseville Area School District to purchase additional equipment in order to serve and deliver an increased number of meals to clients in their homes. The program serves approximately 150 low-income, disabled, and older adults per day.  This number represents an ever increasing need for this service that challenges existing logistical capacity.

Grant:                        $2,500.

Awarded:                   November 12,2020

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