How Can You Help

   Donate - Write a check or donate online.

Most direct service providers would like the flexibility to purchase the goods and services most needed right now.

Participate in our Events - We will continue to plan fundraising events that engage you and your family. Join us, have fun, and make a difference for those in need of help.

Donate Goods - Some Providers are not accepting traditional donations of tangible goods right now, but are accepting specialized items. We will keep you updated on who needs what and where.

Volunteer - Most non-profits rely on volunteer help to keep their doors open. COVID-19 has changed the rules of how we can help, but there are still many safe opportunities. Whether you wish to volunteer as an individual or in a small group, we will keep you informed of the ways and places you can do that.

Grants - are available from places which you may never have considered, previously ..... maybe even from your current or previous employer. Think about it.  We will follow up on any lead that you can give us!