Our Story

As the COVID-19 crisis invaded our reality in Mid-March, a Rotarian and a Lion, each from Shoreview, MN, began talking about a community response to the needs that would surely be created by this situation. Soon, the Shoreview Community Foundation became involved.  As the immensity of the needs became apparent, and because services to fill those needs are seldom confined to a single community, it was decided that a more inclusive approach was called for. Thus, was born the concept of a cooperative effort 

among the local affiliates of the four major international service club organizations in concert with the community foundations serving the area. Soon, Lions, Rotary, Kiwanis, and Optimists were represented, along with the Shoreview and Roseville Area Community Foundations.

Because this is a coalition and not a corporation, a 501(c)(3) entity to act as the fiscal agent was necessary.  This was accomplished through the Shoreview Foundation’s


affiliation with the Saint Paul and

Minnesota Foundation.

As the core group began trying to assess the needs within communities, it became apparent that much, if not all, of this work had already been accomplished by public and governmental agencies.  Therefore, connections were made with Ramsey County through Commissioners Frethem of District 1 and McGuire of District 2, as well as the Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative. Their willingness to act as informational resources in our efforts is invaluable.

With the aid of much email, many phone calls, and numbers of video conferences the Suburban Ramsey Emergency Coalition was born. Due to the passion and dedication of many individuals and organizations, the Coalition continues to develop and thrive, focused on accomplishing our shared Mission.

Our Service Area