Coalition Gives Hope to Providers as well as Recipients

During a time when both individuals and organizations are being stretched to respond to the needs within our communities, offering hope can be a powerful tool in supporting those efforts.

Imagine being on the front line, witnessing overwhelming need first hand, and lacking the resources to fill it. Imagine doing this day after day as part of your job. Professional skills alone cannot defend indefinitely against the frustration and sometimes depressing reality of this situation. There are times when the challenges to providing care to those in need simply are overwhelming. At these times the difference between retreat and continuing the effort can be the knowledge that you are not waging this battle alone.

This is the case when a dedicated group of volunteer organizations join together to aid not just the needy of our communities but also those who provide direct services. The Suburban Ramsey Emergency Coalition appreciates how difficult these situations can be, and shares the desire to help remove obstacles to these essential services. The Coalition is truly a partner in this time of crisis.

Mary Sue Hansen, of the Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative, understands that. Her voice is clear on this subject:

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