Understanding the Pain

VisitRoseville is in the business of promoting business, all businesses, in Roseville, and they do a great job. Their efforts bring them into continual contact with the Retail and Hospitality industries, two categories which are particularly important to the Roseville economy, and which have been particularly hard hit as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This blow has caused some Roseville hotels to temporarily close, and others to lay off staff. We've all seen the restaurant and store closures. As an example, the June 2020 occupancy rate for hotels was,34%, much better than March at 11%, but devastating when viewing the same month in 2019 at 79.1%. These numbers translate to huge losses to hourly wage earners in our communities.

VisitRoseville is working to help businesses reopen and bring employees back. Until those goals are achieved, VisitRoseville knows that we must do everything possible to support hospitality workers and their families. The Coalition is grateful that VisitRoseville recognizes our organization as one that is filling those needs by focusing on food insecurity and housing instability. They have chosen to support our efforts by becoming a Sponsor of our Virtual Run/Walk fundraiser. ( you for your support, and thank you for all that you are doing for our community.

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