Our First Volunteer Opportunity

Making Protective Gowns for Staff at the Ramsey County Care Center

We all know that senior citizens are at high risk during the COVID-19 crisis.  Those residing in skilled nursing care facilities are at extreme risk. The statistics are frightening. Protecting our most vulnerable seniors from this disease is paramount.  Doing so without adequate personal protective equipment is nearly impossible.


Care givers at Ramsey County Care Center (RCCC) are using 5600 disposable gowns per month, an unsustainable number, to protect their patients from this devastating disease. The solution to this dilemma, both physical and financial, is to have a quantity of cloth gowns, which can be laundered, and, therefore, re-used.

That's where the Suburban Ramsey Emergency Coalition and you can make a difference.

We are organizing a group of volunteers to cut, sew, finish, and deliver finished gowns to the RCCC. The Care Center is supplying the material and the Coalition is providing the volunteer skill and labor to create them. We hope ultimately to provide 200+ gowns.

For the particulars of this project and to volunteer, contact Diane Peterson.


Thank you for your support!


Gowns 1.jpg
Creating Isolation Gowns

Start with a 60" bolt of cloth, and cut into gown-size pieces

Package cloth, misc. materials,

& instructions in bags

Rely on willing volunteers to distribute packages to


Cut cloth to pattern

Sew pieces. Add binding, elastic, ties and velcro.



It's a Process!