About Us

"We are your neighbors  ..... the folks already serving in your community."

Who We Are - We are a unique coalition of local affiliates of the major international service club organizations and local community foundations. We bring together Lions, Rotary, Kiwanis, and Optimists with the Roseville Area and Shoreview Community Foundations. Our informational partners in this effort are our County Commissioners from Districts 1 and 2, and the Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative. Our fiscal agent is the Saint Paul and Minnesota Foundation.

What We Do - We provide funds, goods and volunteers to assist those in our communities with the greatest needs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

When We Will Do It- As long as the needs exist and resources remain available.

Where - Our service area at the outset is within ISD's 621 and 623, which include Mounds View, New Brighton, Arden Hills, Shoreview, Roseville, Falcon Heights, Lauderdale and Little Canada.

Why - Because, for some of our neighbors, their most basic human needs are threatened during this crisis.

How - We will raise funds through donations, events, sponsorship and grants. We will collect donations of food and household items for redistribution to the needy.  We will provide a platform for all to volunteer their time and talents in this cause.


Our Mission

To assist vulnerable and underserved neighbors within our communities who are suffering the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic by aiding non-profit service organizations providing direct relief to those most in need. 

Guiding Principles

To focus  on the neediest of our neighbors, particularly those who are currently underserved and with limited access to resources;

To give timely aid to those providers who have fewer resources and options for support than those with a larger base and geographical footprint;

To be aware of and connected to the particular needs within our local service area.

Our Goals

Create an effective organization to conduct the business of the Coalition at no or very low cost;

Raise a minimum of $150,000 in funds to advance our Mission;

Recruit volunteers through our Coalition network and connect them with direct service providers in need of volunteers.

Connect with direct service providers in need of volunteers and actively encourage these opportunities through our communication network.

Our Strategy

To concentrate our efforts on a logical geographic area, ISD’s 621 and 623;

To assemble a coalition of service clubs and organizations already providing service in this area;

To establish a partnership with a credible fiscal agent to process donations through a 501(c)(3) entity; the Saint Paul and Minnesota Foundation was chosen;

To create a functional, transparent and accountable organization under the banner Suburban Ramsey Emergency Coalition with the appropriate committee structure to assure these attributes;

To utilize the most current and accurate information on needs in our service area; this by informational partnerships with the Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative and Ramsey County, through the offices of Commissioners for Districts 1 and 2;

To raise funds to support this strategy through personal and corporate donations, grant requests, and fundraising events;

To encourage and provide platforms for the collection of food, household goods and personal items to be distributed through direct providers to those in need;

To encourage and facilitate volunteerism with direct service providers by acting as a conduit of information detailing those needs;

To provide continuing information about the pandemic related needs in our service area and the resources available to mitigate them;

Fiscal Partnerships



In order for the Suburban Ramsey Emergency Coalition to meet the requirements of reporting and tax deductibility Coalition members, collectively and individually, have entered into an agreement of fiscal partnership with the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation.

That partnership is as follows:


Fiscal Partnership


The Suburban Ramsey COVID-19 Response Fund is a charitable community fund established by the Shoreview Community Foundation to support this community effort to address the needs of those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  


The Shoreview Community Foundation is a community foundation affiliated with the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation. Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation supports local, volunteer-led community foundations like Shoreview Community Foundation across the state of Minnesota by providing a fiscal home, exceptional back-end operations, investment management and a trusted philanthropic partnership. 


As the largest community foundation in the state, Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation’s expertise and passion for inspiring generosity and investing in community-led solutions ensures Shoreview Community Foundation gets the most out of the resources our generous donors have entrusted to us, both today and for generations to come. 


To support this effort, neither the Shoreview Community Foundation nor Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation will charge any administrative fees for managing the Suburban Ramsey COVID-19 Response Fund, and every dollar received by the Fund will be granted back into the community. 

All-Volunteer Group

Like its member organizations, the Coalition functions entirely with unpaid volunteers. It is our objective to give away as much of each dollar raised as possible to our service mission.  While there will likely be some unavoidable expenses, initially the Coalition’s administrative expenses have been absorbed by individual members.  These donations have purchased the domain and platform of this website as well as printing and postage used thus far. The Shoreview Foundation is providing the services necessary to collect, deposit, and account for mail-in contributions, and to act as our representative to the Saint Paul and Minnesota Foundation.

As stalwart Minnesotans, we know how to “stretch a buck” and get the best value for every one spent.  Be assured that these values will continue to serve you and your generosity well.

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